Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening
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Knocking at the Open Door: My Years with J. Krishnamurti

An insightful, revelatory and heartfelt narrative that bring out various unknown facets of the ‘world teacher’– J. Krishnamurti – and highlights his distinctive vision for education worldwide… This volume presents an eyewitness account of the practical and everyday relations of the Mark Lee with Krishnamurti (1895–1986) who was a prolific author as well as a renowned and respected educator, and speaker. Such relations reveal warmth and closeness, leading to a deep understanding of some of the unexplained mysteries surrounding the man and his teachings.

Mark Lee was first introduced to Krishnamurti’s teachings as a teenager in 1955 and to Krishnamurti himself in 1965. For the next 45 years he worked in the Krishnamurti foundations as teacher, principal, director, and trustee in succession. It was Krishnamurti’s compelling and engaging admonition to ‘be a light unto yourself’ that kept Lee associated with the work of the foundations — a serious challenge — that called for inner discipline, austerity in thinking and living, and rigorous self-awareness. Krishnamurti was associated with several schools in India, England, and the USA from the late 1920s onwards. Five nonprofit foundations were established by him and continue to preserve and disseminate his teachings globally.

For students of Krishnamurti’s teachings, Lee’s experiences can serve an informative and useful source of further learning and education.

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