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How important do you consider group dialogue to be in understanding the more subtle points of Krishnamurti's message?

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For me group discussion doesn't seem to work at all. Maybe I just haven't been in the right groups.

David Loucks (account deleted)
Wed, 03 Jun 2009

Dialog with adults is always a strategy game that get me so tired.

Francois Bresson
Thu, 04 Jun 2009

I, personally, have no need for it.

Husain Sangrar (account deleted)
Thu, 04 Jun 2009

Now, i think i have to start from my own brain.and what i see, know, and so on...i don't have problems to quote K
when chatting with someone, to say : i don't understand but it seems interesting, what do you think??

daniel moru (account deleted)
Thu, 04 Jun 2009

Of some importance, as we give clues to each other, point out.

max greene
Thu, 04 Jun 2009

Not very. Most participants simply repeat a recorded message over and over. Most people haven't a clue about how to enquire into who/what we/they are.

Randal Shacklett (account deleted)
Fri, 05 Jun 2009

Say I am talking with someone and their response to me is a knowledge of the wise person telling me there is a problem of thought, or self, or whatever. This is the solution of authority. For all the words, this is not talking, not asking questions, not inquiry. To conclude with a message is not sharing, not dialogue.

Peter Stephens
Fri, 05 Jun 2009

Very important in the sense it keeps alive awareness and sensitivity among people so that
harmony is promoted, quietitude of the collective consciousness takes place in this world.

Krishnan Srinivasan
Fri, 05 Jun 2009

I consider group dialogue and book discussions to be very important in the understanding of not only the subtle points in Krishanmurti's writings but also in the broader scope of his life and works.

Larry Thwing
Fri, 05 Jun 2009

This is a good question, I have met K on a shell in a library in northern Québec, since I buy his book and read and never
met any one that has interest in K in my physical life.

So far I consider my personnel study very important in understanding
the more subtle point of K message.

I would have to say that i have not yet discover the important or the value of group dialogue, i am not sure that i understand dialogue that well. It has help me to crystallise or put into word my own thinking, help me a lot to improve my spelling in english but I don't really understand dialogue, I would need to look into this area.

jean-m girard
Fri, 05 Jun 2009

To the very serious person, group dialogue has little importance. The real work you have to do yourself.
(I can't help thinking, though, what it would like be to be with somebody who had gone deeply into these matters).
On the other hand, the first step is the last step. One subtle point, choiceless awareness, can be demonstrated to a degree in a group and perhaps inspire people. I have written about this in The LINK issue No. 28.

Rasmus Tinning
Fri, 05 Jun 2009

Es obvio que somos seres limitados y que si aprendemos a compartir lo que aprendemos, haremos mas ricas nuestras vidas!
y lo mas importante, aprenderemos a vivir como seres humanos todos juntos!

It is obvius that we are limited beings and if we learn to share what we learn, then we will make richer our lives!
and most important, we will learn to live as human beings , all together!

sergio silva
Sat, 06 Jun 2009

I have a problem with the word 'dialogue', but my answer would be - not very important at all - at least not really in situations such as forums like this, which is mostly superficial. But then, it is a chance to put oneself on the line, be challenged, and required to clarify what one is saying. But essentially - K did it alone, and so that is possible.
My experience with so-called 'dialogues' is that they never get very far, and can too easily become a contest in 'the race for enlightenment', which is a joke. For me the teaching is not about 'enlightenment' at all, which is nothing more than a desired result, but it is about discovery and responsibility for the whole.

Patricia Hemingway
Sat, 06 Jun 2009

Not very important! Unless one has had genuine insights into the fact that humans are psychologically trapped in the disorder of psychological time, or at least doubts that human thinking is in order, then group dialogue will not be about inquiry but about the self reinforcing itself. There is great danger in making finding out first-hand dependent on anything.

Discussion per se is important when one is learning together, but to set up dialogue groups to that end is meaningless.

There is an assumption in the consciousness that if one duplicates the manner of K's life and his discussions then one will have his insights...this belief is of course erroneous.

Michael Berry
Sat, 06 Jun 2009

Very important in creating a change.

Sun, 07 Jun 2009

Very, despite the fact one is exposed to the danger of personal identification and all that. A great teaching tool!

Stephen Smalley
Sun, 07 Jun 2009

I consider dialogue important to expand our understanding of K message, it enriches all of us. I think. But at the same time I think that silence and oblivion of oneself are very important sources of that understanding. /

Considero el diálogo importante para expandir nuestro entendimiento del mensaje de K, nos enriquece a todos. Creo. Pero al mismo tiempo pienso que el silencio y el olvido de uno mismo son fuentes muy importantes de ese entendimiento.

Aura APL
Mon, 08 Jun 2009


Dappling Light (account deleted)
Mon, 08 Jun 2009

Very important, because it is easy to get isolated and not being challenged by other on what we are learning, so that we can keep wrong assumptions without noticing it. So, it is very important to be open for a dialogue with others, and be challenged.

Jaime Aramburo
Mon, 08 Jun 2009

Not as important as individual investigation.

daniel brady
Mon, 08 Jun 2009

It is certainly very important for every soul has a very different understanding of even the very simplest message of JK.

Mon, 08 Jun 2009

Meeting of minds focused on a particular subject has the potential to raise great synergy which otherwise lies dormant in individual minds or individual thinking. What else for are the many conferences on chosen subjects held at different venues the world over?

I consider group dialogue important and useful as long as there are no personal motives involved among the individual participants. It is only then do I feel there can be an insight into more subtle pointers to facts by Krishnamurti. The scope to raise the level of an inquiry is indeed enormous in group dialogues, I'd say.


Jyothi Prakash Hegde
Mon, 08 Jun 2009

definitely important in right atmosphere and right gathering of serious people.

srinivasan varadarajan
Tue, 09 Jun 2009

I will need to experiment "group dialog" before I can answer that.
I do not believe myself ready for that yet.
Reading & listening to Krishnamurti's words is, till now, a very personal/private experience.

Eric Paris-Martel
Tue, 09 Jun 2009

I just don't know! Understanding each other is very important, but in the same time it is a difficult task, because of our differences in what we believe in...

The best "tool" enabling us to understand each other I found is the Community Building created by Dr Scott Peck, where you are invited to lose your "ego" in favor of the Community Spirit who is in all of us!

I like the work of J. Krishnamurti and try to implement as much as possible his invitations to be aware of our behaviour at each moment.

Tue, 09 Jun 2009

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