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New Article: Bringing Confusion into the Laboratory

posted on July 2, 2009

A new article with the title ?Bringing Confusion into the Laboratory? has been published under the category ?A Dialogue With Oneself?. The author, Rasmus Tinning from Denmark, compellingly clarifies the somewhat unintuitive point that our efforts to dispel confusion only result in sustaining and strengthening it.

The following excerpt from his article struck us as being especially poignant:

"It is not that you want to be happy,
and Krishnamurti tells you how. He is
concerned with a much bigger and more
complex issue. According to him there
is a crisis in the human
consciousness. You are a
representative of humanity and what
appear to be your personal problems is
just a local variation of the
consciousness we all share."

The honesty and the spirit of questioning manifested in this article is commendable and we hope that many more of a similar nature will be submitted to us at admin[AT]kinfonet[DOT] org