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Forum: General Discussion Mon, 06 Aug 2012
Topic: Forum Rules & Guidelines (Updated)
  1. Courtesy. Be friendly and considerate when talking to your fellow posters. Anyone who engages in aggression will be suspended. Examples of aggressive behavior include name-calling, riling, ribbing, taunting, hounding, mobbing, etc

  2. Haranguing. Although intelligent debate is encouraged, should the exchange take a turn where any participant becomes overly forceful with their opinion or if it is evident that the discussion is at loggerheads, interaction on that subject should cease between the individuals involved.

  3. Substance. The main purpose of this forum is to for you to discuss the proposals Krishnamurti raised in his talks and writings. Please bear that in mind.

  4. Respect. Systematic disparagement of Krishnamurti's message will not be tolerated. If you have issues with any of the core ideas of the teachings, raise those in a civil and reasoned manner. If your objections reach the point where you feel that the teachings are fundamentally flawed in some manner, cease posting on the forum.

  5. Balance. In the interest of not having the forum dominated by particular points of view, be conscious of the number and size of posts you make in forum in any given day or week.

Any one violating these guidelines will have their posting privilege suspended. Notification of the suspension will be made on the forum.

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 11 Oct 2012
Topic: Division

As evidenced by the plethora of broadsides bandied about in the last day or so, I can no longer justify evicting just one or two participants. The reason for the persistent violence on the forum is obviously much more complicated and deep-rooted than can be attributed to one or two errant people. To be fair, I would have to oust many more.

The reality is that the manner in which Krishnamurti has affected people varies widely from person to person, and in some cases those differences are irreconcilable. One of the aims of having these multiplex forums is to increase the likelihood that people can find an environment to express the effect Krishnamurti has had on their thinking without having to constantly dodge empty beer bottles hurtling about and at them. With regard to the current situation, the only solution I can see that makes sense at this point is to splinter off the main discussion forum so that people with unbridgeable gaps in their viewpoints can be separated.

Over the next day or so then, I am going to be creating two new forums, one for those folks interested in deciphering the teachings with the aim of clarifiying the main ideas behind Krishnamurti message, and the second for those who wish to engage in a critical examination of truth, actuality and the limits of thought, both à la Krishnamurti as well more generally speaking. Hopefully, people will have the good sense to voluntarily segregate according to their individual slant. Reasonable debate is encouraged but polemics of any kind including excessive railing against Krishnamurti's proposals - this is a Krishnamurti site, for goodness sake - will not be tolerated in either forum.

I know this decision will displease many, but at this juncture I think further experimentation should be at least attempted, though I am not naïve enough to hold out much hope for improvement. This may well be prolonging the inevitable but hey, welcome to the real world.

Forum: General Discussion Fri, 12 Oct 2012
Topic: Forum Guidelines - Violation Notices

After thinking over the matter and listening to the feedback, I have decided that it would be counter-productive at this point in time to create another forum.

Instead, to bring the fiasco to a close, I have introduced new forum rules:

Updated Forum Rules of Conduct

which I will start enforcing vigorously from tomorrow. No exceptions.


Forum: General Discussion Tue, 13 Nov 2012
Topic: Forum Guidelines - Violation Notices

Eric Mixi has been banned for disregarding the forum guidelines.

Forum: General Discussion Mon, 03 Dec 2012
Topic: Forum Guidelines - Violation Notices

In response to the recent eruption in the forum, I have added two new forum guidelines. Please read them before participating.

Forum Guidelines



Forum: General Discussion Wed, 19 Dec 2012
Topic: Forum Guidelines - Violation Notices

@Julia Rojas, @lidlo lady

Disregard of Forum Guideline 6. Balance.

Please limit the number of your posts to three or four per day for the immediate future. And keep them to a reasonable length.

@ Jack Pine

Disregard of Forum Guideline 1. Courtesy

Be aware that failure to comply with the forum guidelines will result in suspension without further notice.

Forum: General Discussion Sun, 23 Dec 2012
Topic: Forum Guidelines - Violation Notices

Lidlo Lady has been suspended for continued disregard of the forum guidelines.

Forum: General Discussion Sun, 06 Jan 2013

@jack pine

You have been asked by the person who started this thread to no longer contribute to it. Kindly respect the guidelines and do as they ask.

Forum: General Discussion Fri, 08 Feb 2013
Topic: The neurons that shaped civilization

Getting complaints about several people involved in this thread.

Quickly looking over the last few comments, here are some examples of unnecessary aggravation:

Jack Pine wrote: Do they have AA in England?

Katy Someone wrote: Don't let these disgruntled, grumpy people grind you down

I would suggest people back off with the aggressive behaviour and personal insults if they wish to remain on the forum. If you have an issue with what someone else has to say find a way to address that without bucking the guidelines.

Forum: General Discussion Mon, 11 Feb 2013
Topic: Forum Guidelines - Violation Notices

Julia Alejandra Rojas has been suspended from the forum.

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 21 Feb 2013
Topic: Cohesiveness

Dean R. Smith wrote: No, just stating an easily observable fact based on what you said and the fact that you lied in your profile and tried to justify it in this thread with more bullshit.

A warning that these types of posts are in violation of more than one of the forum guidelines. Such unpleasantness is really uncalled for and will not be tolerated going forward.

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 26 Feb 2013
Topic: Forum Guidelines - Violation Notices

Dean Smith and John Campbell have been temporarily suspended for disregarding the forum guidelines

Forum: General Discussion Sat, 29 Jun 2013
Topic: What if there never was a person named, "Jesus"?

The forum has become a disgrace. This is a warning that unless you (and by "you" I mean anyone who continues to stoke the flames of discord) find a way of posting here without the personal condemnations - you are going to be removed not only from this forum but from the site entirely. Without further notification.

The unpleasantness - which derails any potential for sensible conversation and turns off others from participating - is to stop. I don't care how justified anyone feels about their particular argument.

Forum: General Discussion Sat, 14 Sep 2013
Topic: Seeing the teaching backwards.

Jack Pine wrote: Don't be such a schmuck.


Can you please try and express your differing points of view without resorting to personal barbs? It just causes others to counter in kind and we all know what that leads to in short order. Thanks,


Forum: General Discussion Tue, 15 Apr 2014
Topic: It is not enough to discuss, study or promote K's teaching

Getting mails about the forum degenerating again.

I assume that if you use this space, you must value it in some fashion.

So, can you please take on some responsibility for it if you choose to post here.

Disagree if you must, but please find a way to do so without being mean.

Forum: General Discussion Sun, 10 Aug 2014
Topic: Meditation.


From the nature of your posts, it is clear that you have no serious interest in Krishnamurti.

As such, I will have to have you leave off posting here.

I will be deleting your account in 24 hours - to give you a chance to copy any of your post you wish to keep for your own purposes.

Forum: General Discussion Mon, 11 Aug 2014
Topic: Meditation.

OK Mike - since you have petitioned on his behalf, I'll withdraw the ban. For now, anyway.

Mr Yogi, you can carry on posting for the time being. But I must ask you to be more aware of the strength of your convictions and the insular effect they have on your thinking, should you choose to post further.

Forum: General Discussion Tue, 16 Sep 2014
Topic: randall merryman

To set the record straight, no-one has complained about your lack of civility lately. I did get a notice that a couple of people were locked out of the pm system recently because the wording of their message triggered certain suspect spammer key words like "money" and "bank". We instated this protection after the pm system was abused by some users originating in Nigeria to solicit money fraudulently.

Haven't had time to look into it in the recent cases. Will do so presently and remove the blocks from legit users.

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 18 Sep 2014
Topic: randall merryman

@Mina, @Jack

You should be able to access the private messaging system now. Sorry about that.


Forum: General Discussion Fri, 19 Sep 2014
Topic: randall merryman

randall merryman wrote: I'm blocked now too. I feel like a nigerian scammer.

Randall, you have been un-blocked.

I have temporarily disabled the spam filter on the private messages as well. Can you guys let me know when you are done conducting your "business"? So I can know when to turn it back on?

Forum: General Discussion Sat, 20 Sep 2014
Topic: randall merryman

randall merryman wrote: I apologize for using your forum in this manner.

Yo dude,

The forum is more yours than mine. Hopefully you can sort yourself out sooner rather than later and get back to being our resident pain in the butt.

Forum: General Discussion Sat, 20 Sep 2014
Topic: randall merryman

@dave h, @Katy Alias,

Can u let me know if you're are still unable to send private messages?



Forum: General Discussion Mon, 29 Sep 2014
Topic: Any self-free areas in our life?

Jack Pine wrote: You still haven't answered the question of why you try so hard to be an asshole?


Your emotional volatility is once again getting the better of you. You are gonna have to find a way to rein yourself in.

As long as the interest in discussing Krishnamurti is genuine, everyone is welcome here. Lively debate is good thing - I am not asking for you to stop that, just that you do it in less vulgar and didactic a fashion.


Forum: General Discussion Tue, 30 Sep 2014
Topic: Any self-free areas in our life?

Jean Gatti wrote: why mind about what Jean says after all ?


I can no longer ignore the fact that there is something about your style of communicating that is irking a significant number of people on the forum.

That - and your sheer volume of posts - is having an adverse effect on the atmosphere here. I have to therefore request that you do not respond to the posts of anyone who finds you impossible to speak to and also that you reduce the number of your posts overall to a more reasonable amount.


Forum: General Discussion Tue, 07 Oct 2014
Topic: Dear Dev


All you have done with this latest incursion is remind me why I cannot allow you to rejoin the forum.

To re-iterate, this forum and site has been set up to allow ppl who have a active interest in what Krishnamurti had to say and are using the site to primarily to discuss that interest.

That may have been your reason for joining at one time but it is my considered opinion that that is no longer the case. This is not personal, I acknowledge that this is a complex affair and I certainly have no issue with anyone moving on or going beyond Krishnamurti. It is just that I can't have such a person flooding the forum with their personal agenda as you are prone to doing.

It is simply that my job as moderator - on again, this Krishnamurti forum - is to make sure that no-one with that predominant interest is intimidated from posting. Which is precisely the effect you have whenever you are active here. Your prolific and to many, overly analytic, writing frankly suffocates the forum.

I fully realize that you will find this decision arbitrary on my part but unfortunately I am forced to have an opinion whether I want or not. And I base it is on what I feel to be the overall best interest of the forum.

Probably no use in asking, but can you please stop coming in here under all these guises? Surely there are more suitable venues where you can express yourself openly without having to be constantly on the defensive or forced to veil your points of view?


Forum: General Discussion Wed, 05 Nov 2014
Topic: Mary Cadogans Last Interview

John Perkins wrote: And? Paine? Like in a circumstance in which every instance is new, a or any person might 'know'? Right? What the fuck is it with you and the Jean Gatti's and joe neyer's of the world that you just are forced by your very nature to present as knowing?

Just to put you on notice. This kind of response is unacceptable and will not be tolerated for long.

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 06 Nov 2014
Topic: Mary Cadogans Last Interview

Jean Gatti wrote: A mature person never blames others for his own problems ... blaming others is a sure sign of immaturity ...

... meaning a great opportunity to learn on yourself John :-)

Be advised that you too Jean, are on notice. Your "preaching" style of writing has become insufferable for too many. You need to be more aware of the negative effect these type forceful suggestions are having on the forum. Please either find a way to curb your categorical conclusions or else disengage altogether from people who have tired of dealing with them. You know who they are.

Forum: General Discussion Thu, 06 Nov 2014
Topic: Forum Guidelines infringements

Chris Dent wrote:

Everybody on a forum such as this speaks according to their own 'understanding'. They are willingly sharing their 'understanding' with others. To constantly ridicule and attack another's ideas is very unhealthy (and ego driven) and serves no purpose other than to cause all the anger and bickering we see on this site.

Disagreeing with another's point of view is no justification for personal attacks on that person. It would be much more productive to express your own views. The view that someone else is an idiot is completely outside the topic under discussion and turns an exchange of views into childish name-calling. All of us come here with serious intent but find ourselves wading through the mire of personal criticism. There seem to be a group of posters who delight in ganging up on Jean and attacking him personally and continually. I find this completely inexplicable. It serves no purpose whatsoever except to drag this forum into constant exchanges like this one instead of engaging seriously in inquiry. As Jack posted in a different thread, we don't have to react. Jean posts his views. I post my views. You post your views. No need to feel affronted by what another person thinks. It is only thought. Their thoughts are their problems. Why make them mine as well?

Hey Chris,

Can I call on you if I ever need to take a vacation? ;-)


Forum: General Discussion Thu, 20 Nov 2014
Topic: Joblessness as a true expression of the Self

@Paul, @John

The whole point of setting up the Dialogue forum was to eliminate the competitive head-butting between you two which has cast such a pall over the entire space.

Can you guys please stop talking to each other if all you are gonna do is argue.

And while I am at it- Jean, would you mind posting more on George's forum and less here where practically everyone seems intent on smashing you. While it is partially true that you are being mobbed, there are just too many people here who find you unnerving.

Ultimately, I will do whatever is necessary reduce the argumentation, but I would much rather you guys show some respect and a bit of gratitude for this space and all the work that has gone into creating it - and step up to the plate of your own accord.


Forum: General Discussion Thu, 20 Nov 2014
Topic: Joblessness as a true expression of the Self

randall merryman wrote: I remember my kindergarden principle giving the same speech. ;)

Not a very good principal, it would appear. Good thing Nick isn't here any longer to natter about spelling and grammar or lack thereof.